Why Hello There

At my friend Elise’s mountain house (which I shot for an upcoming interior tour)

Cardigan (similar) Jeans Tee Flatforms (similar)

A few days ago, I went scrolling back through a few pages of posts, and realized that there’s been something conspicuously missing.


(Not in the “talking about myself” sense, obviously – per usual, I’ve been pretty strong that particular front. I’m talking about in the pictures.)

I think it’s because I’ve gone full-on into winter blah mode – I’m pale and hairy and depressingly sloth-like in my daily habits. (The paleness and hairiness and lack of motion are, of course, all completely my fault, because a) self-tanner exists; b) razors exist; and c) I live in California and it’s hardly arctic out here, so hello, I could totally go for a run if I wanted to. I just don’t.)

This weekend, though, I started seeing little glimmers of what’s to come, and it is good. On Friday afternoon my friend Erin came over, and we dug around in the dirt, planting annuals and lavender in every spot we could find. On Saturday, we caught up with some friends we haven’t hung out with in months because they live in the mountains and have been intermittently housebound by floods and landslides and rogue bank robbers (this is true). We sat in their backyard in the sun eating muffins and planning BBQs and pool parties and camping trips. And then on Sunday, we got together a group and drove out to Half Moon Bay so all the kids (and, ahem, me) could play with newborn goats, and then made our way out to the Ritz-Carlton for afternoon rose with a crazy view. (At the Ritz, I also completely randomly ran into one of my favorite people on the planet, travel writer Nadine Jolie Courtney, and got to finally meet her husband Erik – despite the fact that I was pretty sure I already knew him because I watched him on their Bravo show.)

In short: it was one of those weekends that you’d be pretty psyched to live over and over and over again. So in hopes of bidding good riddance to the aforementioned blahs, I think I might have to book a permanent seat on a sunny balcony and do just that.

lemos farm at half moon baylemos farm at half moon baythe ritz Carlton at half moon bay the ritz Carlton at half moon bay the ritz Carlton at half moon bay the ritz Carlton at half moon bay the ritz Carlton at half moon bay

  • Rebecca

    Longtime reader oversharing (per usual) that Nadine lived across from me and this was realized as I saw my street on the show and then neighbors confirmed cameras had been filming. Really exciting tale but this discovery from a couple of years back just came full circle with you knowing Nadine (and subsequently, put a smile on my face)! Thanks, Jordan!

    • jordanreid

      omg how funny! she’s the best – we met way back in early 2010 when we were both child-free party girls and have been friends ever since 🙂