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When your lollipop matches your lip balm. (This was part of a mailing sent by Korres to promote their lip butters, and I just want to call it out as an example of truly excellent marketing: they packaged the lip butters with matching lollipops, and the whole thing was so pretty and visual that it practically screamed “Instagram me.”)

 These look like nursing shoes and I can hear my mother making fun of me for liking them from all the way across the country but whatever: CUTE.

 The pose! The colors! The ripped upholstery! This article is FASCINATING.  (Why Time’s Trump Cover Is A Subversive Work Of Political Art, via Forward.)

 A woman tricked her husband into thinking she had brought a coyote home to hang out with her and their toddler, and his resulting freak-out is EPIC (via Facebook).

 Well this looks comfortable to sleep in! (I get that you’re not technically supposed to “sleep” in it. But still.)

 “In the ever more culturally impoverished United States, being an artist is staggeringly more difficult than in numerous countries where artists are supported and celebrated as culture makers and shapers, not derided and characterized as self indulgent hacks and slackers unless their single hits platinum or they get millions per role.” (Judgment And The Ghost Ship Tragedy: America Has Abandoned Its Artists, via Medium.)

 As little black dresses go, this one is perfection.

 “Of all the things that have changed my life and my career, nothing comes close to my daily writing habit.” COSIGN. (A Daily Habit Allows You to Become the Author of Your Own Story, via Medium.)

 This article is zero fun to read. But I think you should read it anyway. (The Rage Of 2016, via NYTimes.)

striped cashmere 360 sweater

 I like this sweater so very much.

 For the second year in a row, we’ll be ringing in the new year with a plane party. But if we were doing virtually anything else? Ohhhh I would be wearing this.

 This Satya Jewelry collection, curated by Alysia Reiner of Orange Is The New Black, is super pretty and very reasonably priced – and the code ALYSIAGIVESBACK gets you 25% off your order (plus Satya Jewelry will donate 30% of the proceeds to KIND: Kids In Need of Defense).’s response to a Breitbart article that used one of their clips to support an argument against global warming is everything you want it to be. Oh, the shade. (Note to Breitbart: Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real, and Please Stop Using Our Video To Mislead Americans, via

 Everyone needs a pair of house booties (a.k.a. booties that are more shoe-like than actual slippers, that are kind of ugly and extremely cozy, and that never get worn past your front door).

 Oh, dear. Tears. (This Polish Christmas Ad Is Going Viral, and You’ll Understand Why Once You See It, via BoredPanda.)

  This super-sleek crib was invented by an architect (and mom) so that it could be put together or broken down in five minutes. It comes in the cutest colors, and is also available in a mini.

retrouve skincare line from the founders of kiehl's

Wearing, currently: that (REALLY good) long-sleeved black top, my Lo & Sons purse (which I used as my travel bag on my NYC trip and then never unpacked when I got back), and Adidas. Also in that photo: samples of Luminous Cleansing Elixir and Nutrient Face Serum sent over by Retrouvé, a new luxury skincare line from the creators of Kiehl’s that comes in stunning packaging.

 This is hysterical, and spot-on. Crappy cars for everyone! (Mom Truths: What A New Parent Really Needs, via TodayParents.)

 Our lives have turned into a f-ing reality show. I can’t. (Trump Is Teaming Up With ‘Apprentice’ Producer To Create A ‘Really Big Show’ Of Inauguration, via DailyKos.)

 Because putting on pants is super overrated. (The Shut-In’s Guide To Winter, via Chicago Magazine.)

 Oh man. Oh man this video of dads having their daughters repeat affirmations is not something you should watch unless you feel like having all those feelings. Like every single one. (via TheScene.)

 Leandra Medine’s essay on her recent miscarriage is powerful and heartbreaking and brave. (The Baby I Lost; The Person I Found, via ManRepeller.)

 If you hop over to my IG you can see a video of me in a 1997 issue of Twist (! remember Twist?!) rocking some serious hair clips. You can also see a video of my daughter dancing like someone slipped a little kahlua in her milk. I think you might enjoy both. 


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