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I only look like a human being in that photo because of this stuff.

I am very, very bad at hiding things from people. If I’m embarrassed, my face helpfully alerts everyone around me to that fact by turning a lovely shade I call “deep eggplant.” If I’m annoyed, you know I’m annoyed because I sound annoyed, even if I say that I’m not annoyed (sorry, Kendrick). And if I’m excited, I am the very worst person in the world at playing it cool; my cartwheels are much better than my poker face.

If I’m stressed or upset, though – as I have been these past couple of weeks – do you know what happens? My entire body falls apart. My face somehow becomes simultaneously oilier and drier (whee!). I break out like a teenager. My hands (or, more precisely, my cuticles) require daily vigilance so as not to frighten casual bystanders. All this falling-apart, of course, makes me feel even worse, when I was already feeling bad to begin with.

–> Vicious cycle.

Enough. Over and over again, it is proven to me that taking just a few minutes to take care of yourself is, without fail, worth it. And so on Sunday, do you know what I did? I distracted my children with Doc McStuffins, I got into the shower…and I deep-conditioned. (I know. Try to hold back your awe; I can feel it from all the way over here.) And it was with Pantene Moisture Renewal 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner, so I was still very fortunately able to get out in time to halt my daughter’s plan to use the coffee table as a launchpad for couch-trampolining.

I’ve been using Pantene products off and on for a good twenty years, but this is my first time trying out their Daily Moisture line. (In the past I’ve used the Repair & Protect line, but I’m no longer processing my hair quite as much as I used to, so I thought I’d go for lightweight moisture….and the 3-Minute Miracle. As an FYI, Pantene also offers the Smooth & Sleek line and the Sheer Volume line, so whatever your specific hair type, there’s a series of products for you.)

how to create an easy smooth side part updo


And excuse me but LOOK AT THE RESULTS. I have never been one of those women whose hair could be described as “deeply moisturized,” but look look look. That is some smooth sleekness right there, and it let me create an updo that I did in exactly two steps: 1) Blow dry bangs; 2) Pull bangs into side bun.

That’s it. No serums, no flat-irons, no tricks: just healthy hair that did what I wanted it to do, with an end result that was polished and chilled-out and – in marked contrast with its owner – not the tiniest bit frazzled at all.

pantene three minute miracle conditionerhow to create an easy smooth side part updo how to create an easy smooth side part updo how to create an easy smooth side part updo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PANTENE. The opinions and text are all mine.

Photos by Sue Hudelson

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