House Tour: Audrey Scheck’s Eclectic Los Angeles Retreat

Look. At that. Living room.

My friend Audrey has excellent taste; I knew that already because I follow her on Instagram. But because we’ve mostly been online friends these past four years and have actually only met in person twice, so I’ve never been to her house.


Apparently I need to have her pop on up to San Jose (that is, when she’s not busy with her adorable four-week-old, which should be…oooooh seventeen years and eleven months from now) so we can do a little furniture shopping together, because this is my actual dream home. Like, every single thing about it, from the architecture to the mirrors to the bedding to the yard (that hammock!). Everything.

So? I thought I’d ask her a few questions about her place, in case she might be willing to surrender any info on how, exactly, she achieved this spectacularness.

Audrey Scheck at home in Los Angeles

Talk To Me, Audrey

Audrey Scheck, West Coast Digital Director for US Weekly 

You’re a relatively new homeowner; what drew you to this particular house?

I work a few blocks from our house [in Miracle Mile] and have always loved the neighborhood. It is one of the last remaining Spanish neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and the community is very passionate about preserving the historic authenticity. I’m a sucker for anything vintage, and I immediately fell in love with our house’s character. It was built in 1925 and has so much history: the floors creak when you walk, and it has a charm about it that instantly warmed my heart. We walked through the house for ten minutes one morning, made an offer that afternoon, and it was accepted the next day. I knew we were meant to be here.

What’s your favorite spot? 

I love the backyard. It’s completely private, with bamboo covering the neighboring walls, and we’ve turned it into a relaxing little oasis. Our son Huxley, who’s 1 month old, loves the hammock, so we spend hours back there swinging with him. We also love to throw blankets down in the grass and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. It’s a small space, but we’ve created some great memories back there.

How would you describe your decor style?

Our house is Spanish style, so I naturally gravitated toward that look. I love anything vintage, and my goal for each space is always to mix new and old pieces. The house has so much character, so I try to bring in even more character with vintage finds.

I try to stick to a consistent color palette for each space, but my taste changes frequently which makes that challenging. I’m a firm believer in purchasing things you love regardless of the style. If you love it, it will work somewhere in your space.

That’s exactly my attitude towards decor! Loving something is way more important than its “style.” Speaking of style: has having a new baby changed yours?

He isn’t mobile quite yet, but I’m slowly starting to change things in preparation. I’ve made minor adjustments like getting rid of our vintage wood-and-brass wine rack and changing the kitchen nook into a kid-friendly eating area. We removed the rug and curtains and got a larger table so that we could eat there instead of at the main dining table, which sits on top of a white cowhide rug.

Clean and modern baby nursery with cactus and flags

White cowhide and babies don’t typically go together. Excellent call. Can you tell me what inspired your son’s minimalist-yet-cozy nursery (pictured above)?

I’m from a small farming town in Texas and knew immediately that I wanted his nursery to be Texas-inspired. I started with a faux cactus that looks just like ones I grew-up around, and earlier this year I went to the Round Top flea market in Texas and scored several vintage rodeo prints that are framed in reclaimed wood. I used those prints to set the color scheme, and got a thick, cozy rug to fill the space. I had so much fun finding vintage pieces to fill the bookshelf – cowboy boots, tractors, wooden toys, etc.

What’s your favorite place to shop for home stuff?

The Rose Bowl flea market is my go-to. I get there early at 7am to beat the crowd, and I quickly jump into action hunting for unique pieces. It is much more affordable than shopping retail, which makes it even more exciting!

On a purely selfish note – so I can get some ideas for my next visit – can you tell me your top five favorite things to do in LA?

  • Eat lunch at The Roof On Wilshire (the view is to die for)
  • Go shopping on Larchmont Blvd
  • Lounge in the sand at El Matador Beach
  • Browse for inspiration at Rolling Greens Nursery – they also have great home décor and even some vintage pieces
  • Grab dinner and peach martinis at the Italian restaurant AGO

Ugh, I want a peach martini. Alright, last question: what’s your dream home decor item?

I would love to someday have a vintage bar cart again. We gave ours to my mother-in-law when we found out we were expecting, but I’m hoping we can have one again in ten years or so. 😉

Coolest '70s era mirror

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Beautiful boho backyard with tasseled hammock

Thanks for having me, Audrey! Feel free to invite me to move in annnnnnytime 😉

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