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Indy + Me | Carmel, CA 

I’m in the mood for a road trip. If you’re feeling equally get-me-out-of-here, check out National Geographic’s itinerary for doing the Pacific Coast Highway right.

My favorite J.Crew t-shirt (the Painter’s Tee) is available in a short sleeve.

Wearing these wishbone earrings pretty much every day lately.

I’ve never heard of this thing before, but MAN do I wish I had owned one way back when. (The Most Amazing Baby Product I Never Knew I Needed, by Claire Zulkey via

How do you talk to kids about underage drinking when you did it yourself? I have no idea. (The Question From My Kid That’s Worse Than The Sex Question, via

Nordstrom is having a 60% off designer clearance sale. I like a lot of what they have (this fringed bag, for example), but I really, really, really do not like this thing. Just…no.

I’m currently in the middle of a bathroom redo, and have been pinning bathroom inspiration like mad. (You can check out my whole Pinterest page here, if you’d like to follow along.)

To say this past week (month? year?) has been a terrible one would be an enormous understatement, but if you need a reminder that the world is still full of people who care, please read this account of what happened when passengers aboard a flight discovered that the grandmother of one of the Orlando victims was on board (via WSOCTV). Related: John Oliver’s segment on gun control is worth a re-watch, and you have to see this monologue by Samantha Bee (“Is it okay, instead of making jokes, if I just scream for seven minutes before we cut to commercial?”). And if you want to take action but aren’t sure where to lend your support, here are some resources:

Displays of “loving” jealousy, blaming your partner for your own emotions, and four other toxic relationship habits (via Mark Manson).

Parenting techniques, no matter how well-intentioned, don’t work if they drive everyone involved insane. (I Stopped Attachment Parenting and My Kids Got Happier, via QZ.)

Crumbalicious cookies for Father's Day

Crumbolicious sent Kendrick a bunch of cookies with pictures of him and his kids on them for Father’s Day, and they are almost too cute to eat. (We ate them anyway.)

Morgan was wearing this perfect sheer strawberry lip gloss last night, and it was so pretty that I had to ask her what it was so that I could tell you guys. (It’s this one, in the shade called “Nicole”.)

I want to be wearing this sweatshirt right now.

Best friend tattoos! Aw. (via NY Times.)

If Ace Bandage Chic is your vibe, you definitely need this bikini. And if your style is more Little House on the Prairie, you need this one. (Swimsuits are so weird nowadays. I love it.)

the adulting sweatshirt from glam camp

Just got a bunch of Adulting sweatshirts back in stock. I wore mine while carrying sixteen bags and a thirty-pound two-year-old through an airport, and it (almost) made it fun. (Not quite, but there’s only so much a sweatshirt can do.)

My friend Elise gave me a bunch of Beauty By Earth products for my birthday, and I’m super into the Relaxing Detox Bath Bomb. (I haven’t tried the self-tanner yet, but have heard that it’s pretty phenomenal as well.)

I’m not entirely sure you need a recipe for this one – it’s literally “put champagne in ice cube tray and freeze, then put frozen cubes in drinks” – but champagne ice cubes?! How did I never think of this?! (via PureWow.)

FYI: If you order either of my books from glam | camp, they come to you all personalized and signed and stuff.

Mom jeans” have officially become desirable, so much so that they’re actually being called “mom jeans.” Like, on purpose. To sell the jeans. To people who presumably are not moms. Go figure.

Ferndell roasted coffee image

How adorable is the packaging on Ferndell Coffee? (Almost as adorable as those little fingers.) (The coffee’s REALLY good, too.)

If the Father Of The Bride house comes with Martin Short singing “Every Party Has A Pooper” I will totally buy it. (The Father Of The Bride Home Is For Sale, via Lonny.)


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