An Ode To The BMF

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that, the second you give birth to a human being, becomes ENORMOUSLY important. Mostly because it means that you get to sleep in, and then maybe someone delivers you a mimosa.

(Seriously, this is a day that I look forward to all year long. F Christmas; I want breakfast in bed and I want it yesterday.)

BMF Mother’s Day Cards }

This year, though, I have a suggestion: in addition to letting our fabulous selves get celebrated and celebrating our own mothers in return, let’s also take a minute to celebrate the mom friends in our lives.

To those women (and you know who you are): thank you for laughing along with us when we called you to tell you that our children just pooped in the bathtub and we have no idea what to do. Thank you for being there when we had to run to an emergency doctor’s appointment and didn’t know who else to ask for help. Thank you for totally understanding the inordinate amount of pride we take in our child’s achievements, and for taking pride in them too. Thank you for making us laugh when we’re having trouble seeing the funny side of things, for always knowing when we need a hug, and for being the village that we – and our kids – were so desperately hoping to find.

You’re our Best Mom Friends, and you are everything to us.

{ More suggestions for Mother’s Day }

Super soft mom bod sweatshirt from glam camp

For the mom who does not want to wear anything but pajamas or pajama-resembling items, ever (I hear you, sister): the Mom Bod sweatshirt, which we’ve spotted popping up on Instagram on the awesomest women (big thank you to everyone who’s shared their pics so far – we love them; please keep them coming!).

DIY onesie embroidery kit for new moms

For the mom who’s child is still on the inside side of her body, and has time to do things like needlepoint: this DIY Onesie Embroidery Kit (which is making me wish I had an occasion to onesie-embroider, because it is the CUTEST).


For the mom who just wants some jewelry, please and thanks: a pair of Crescent Moon earrings (available with or without diamonds).

A funny coloring book for new parents

And for every mom, everywhere: Our coloring book. Because she will so get it.

{ Check out the full Mother’s Day Shop }

  • Andrea D

    LOVE THAT SWEATSHIRT. Need. (And the cards are so cute!)

    • jordanreid

      Thank you, Andrea! I love them too 🙂 🙂