Truth Or Consequences

{ Dust & Glitter, Truth or Consequences Main Street }

Alright, alright, enough love and healing and bladebla bla; that post up there was a whole lot of emo for a Tuesday, I know.

Let me show you Truth Or Consequences, please, because it is basically perfect in its absolute oddness, and I need you to go. Below are just a few of the many reasons why.

truth or consequences new mexico store

{ January’s, a consignment store where I found spectacularly cool vintage fabrics }

truth or consequences new mexico art

{ A wall made out of cassettes, for no apparent reason }

truth or consequences new mexico art

{ Nail polish art by Hyde HomeBase Lab }

truth or consequences new mexico mineral bath

{ My little spot of heaven: the bathhouse at La Paloma. You hold onto the rope and lower yourself down into the 110-degree mineral water, and then stare out that little hole in the wall at the water trickling out and get all weird and bliss-y and then need to go back to your room and fall asleep IMMEDIATELY. }

truth or consequences new mexico la paloma

{ The relaxation room at La Paloma, where we stayed and where I think you should stay, too }

la paloma spa bath

{ My cutie pies in our cottage, being cute }

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