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Try This Weekend: A Twiggy-Ish Twist On The Cat-Eye

Just a little idea for your next night out: this odd little alternative to the traditional cat eye.

It’s a super-simple twist on standard winged liner, with a little essence de Twiggy thrown in there (for those of you who are mere babes, Twiggy was a ’60s model who famously drew her lower eyelashes on). What you do to create this effect: apply liquid eyeliner as you normally would, from inner to outer corner with a little flick pointed up towards your temple. Then add a second, slightly smaller flick from the corner of your eye out towards your ear, and then a third very small flick just below that, pointing down towards your jawline.

twiggy eye makeup

I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s a great way to add a little extra drama – it creates the effect of false lashes without, you know…false lashes.

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