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Please Don’t Throw Out Your Mirrors (A Song)

I wish I could write a song called “Please Don’t Throw Out Your Mirrors.”

It would go something like this:

“Please don’t throw out your mirrors. They are useful for so many thiiiiings!”

Or something.

But really: please don’t throw them out. Even if they’re kind of ugly, like my bathroom mirror pre-bathroom spruce-up. (They are useful for so many thiiiiings!)

The thing about this mirror is that, ugly as it is (was), I’m rather fond of it: it’s from the era when we used to find stuff on the street and drag it up to our apartment because we couldn’t afford our own stuff (and also because found stuff can be SO GREAT).

Here is a blurry screenshot of me brushing my teeth in the mirror, taken from a random video shot many months ago, because that apparently is the only image I have of the thing and I neglected to take an actual “before” shot (bad blogger). I didn’t want to throw it out because, like I said, I’m all sentimental about the era in our life during which it arrived in our home, but mostly I didn’t want to throw it out because you don’t throw away mirrors.


What I did to this one: went all Pollock-y on it, because that sounded like fun.

painting mirror white

2 coats of white paint (applied with help from my trusty assistant)…

splatter paint

Some splattering with neon craft paint (after covering the mirror part so it would remain unsplattered)…

splatter painting

Whee! (Slightly more floor covering would perhaps have been advisable, as I now have slightly Pollock-ed floors)…

splatter mirror

And presto.

diy coffee table tray

Or presto (coffee table tray).

Or presto centerpiece. Or presto serving tray. Or presto mini-tabletop.

They are useful for sooooo man-YYYY thiiiiings.


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