Giveaway: 4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat

There are many things in this photograph that I love.

Virgil (when he is not barking/eating his foot and drooling on furniture in the process/trying to assassinate our mailman).

Our couch. Goodness I love that thing.

Lucy, and our fake fireplace.

But these past few months, know what I love most of all? (OK, possibly not more than Lucy. And not more than Virgil, but when he’s drooling it’s a close call.)


Technically it’s called a Mamaroo – it sort of rocks and glides and bounces in motions that mimic what humans do when they’re holding kids, and as a result does wonderful, wonderful things to your child like put her instantly to sleep. It reclines or sits up. It has non-irritating built-in white noise effects like waves and such – or if you’re not into crickets and rain, you can just go ahead and customize a soundtrack with your iPod. Oh, right…and you can do all this via a Bluetooth app (really). I almost feel silly about owning something so magnificent, but let me tell you: like my Beyonce Stroller, it is SO MUCH FUN to show people.

And! And and and. We’re giving one away right here on this very site, so that you too may have the opportunity to customize cricket soundtracks and let your child be rocked to sleep in the loving arms of a space egg.

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P.S. Don’t worry – none of the information you leave will be used for anything other than notifying you if you’re the winner (please use your real email address, though, so I can get in touch!).

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