How-To: Stretch Out Your Too-Tight Shoes

How-To: Stretch Out Your Too-Tight Shoes

Alright, so my favorite new shoes?

My amazing ones?

(I love them.)

Well, my amazing favorite new shoes are far less amazing and favorite when they suddenly appear to shrink an entire size overnight, forcing me to hobble around all day in crushing, multiple-Advil-requiring pain.

What I suspect happened is that my feet expanded when I was pregnant, because for the first time in my life I appear to be a solid 8 1/2 rather than an 8, and I think that the fact that the shoes were too small just escaped me in the moments after they arrived because a) I was distracted by the fabulousness, and b) I was doing very little walking that day, because I was on set for Jones New York.

(Also, my mom tells me that her feet expanded a half-size when she was pregnant, and I totally never believed her because that sounds completely weird…but as it turns out, Dr. Oz says it’s true, and what Dr. Oz says is true is probably true, because the man is a genius.)

What to do when one has ordered fabulous shoes off of the Internet and worn them once already, making an exchange unlikely, and then discovered that they are too small?

I’ll tell you!

The other morning, I was performing my New Shoe Hobble Dance at the J. Crew event, and picked up a fantastically useful tidbit from one of the stylists: apparently there is a technique that you can use to stretch out leather shoes a good half-size:

1. Put on a bunch of pairs of socks (I used two thick ones).

2. Stuff your feet into your too-small shoes (this part is no fun, but it’s worth it).

3. Blast your shoes with hot air from a blowdryer for a couple of minutes while flexing your toes and bending your feet, concentrating on the tightest areas.

4. Keep the socks and shoes on until the leather cools. Test out the shoes without socks, and repeat if necessary until they’re comfortable.

And the best part? It totally works. 

(That’s what I thought you said.)

  • Kimmy

    Love! I totally need to do this with a pair of Cole Haans. Thanks for the tip!

  • Marielle

    Yes. Definitely trying this! I have teeny tiny feet, and I bought a pair of Ivanka Trump heels in size 4.5 (I know) and they are just slightly too tight (I’m normally a 5). They were on sale for $40, I couldn’t pass them up!

    • Jeanine Marie

      I have tiny feet too but can wear anything from a size 4.5 (sandals) to 6. The reason being is that my foot is wide at the top and narrow at the heel. Congratulations on your find.

  • Rosely

    That is a genius idea! Do you know if it works with other type of material or only if its leather?

  • Jeanine Marie

    I tried to stretch my shoes using the ice/freezer method but didn’t work. I look forward to trying this idea.

  • suki

    This is amazing. I’ll have to give it a try. Stat.

  • Stephanie

    If all else fails, put a little bit of vaseline on your foot before you put your shoe on. I’m not sure why, but it doesnt just help slide your foot in, it actually makes it wearable! I did this as a last resort for an adorable pair of shoes i HAD to have that wasn’t available in my size :)

    • jordanreid

      i was talking to a model during fashion week who told me that her feet were so big that she loses lots of jobs because of them (because the shoes don’t fit), and that this is exactly the trick she uses to get them on.

  • Jana

    Pure genius! Just tried it and it works like a charm! Thank you soooo much!!! :)

  • Gina

    As soon as I read this I immediately thought of these Elizabeth & James shoes I have sitting in my closest that were just a wee bit too tight! Came home and tried it after work and it worked like a charm :) Thank you!!!

  • Elaine Pappagiorgio

    Just wanted to also suggest a trick if this idea doesn’t work. Instead of heating the outside of the shoe with a hair dryer, heat the inside of the shoe with a hair dryer on high heat for about 2 minutes, then try the idea with the thick socks, and walk around a bit. Repeat the process a few more times if needed. I have been playing hockey for 16 years and this is an old trick hockey players use for skates that are too tight or skates that don’t fit properly (it’s called baking your skates), and the process helps form the inside to your feet. I found this process has worked also on difficult to mold or stretch shoes too!

    • honey_booboo

      ill try this too extra space

  • Matt

    brilliant!! thanks for the tip, it worked like a charm! :D

    • jordanreid

      Happy to hear that!

  • Lynn Randall Moyer

    Bought a pair of Gucci slides on eBay (they match my handbag!) and they are just a bit tight. Just tried this and it helped a little, going to do it a few more times and I think it will solve the problem! Thanks for the tip.

  • mindy

    thank you this worked!!!!! I can wear my shoes now thanks so much!

  • Marybell P.

    Awesome!!! It worked for me!

  • Ebony

    OMG! I did it and I’m so excited!! Bought a pair of very expensive shoes and they feel great now!!

  • Diana

    Yeah! Wearing my shoes with The pair of socks worked for me!

  • Girl With Glasses

    nice!!! thanks for the tip!

  • Sarah

    Can you do this with rubber boots?

    • jordanreid

      I don’t think so – leather is a natural fabric so it’s porous and stretches.

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  • Imahernandez

    Can you use it on basketball shoes?

  • Alove

    wow..i just try this and am amazed…love this trick…it really work…i did it for ten.minutes…n boom magic!! :-) no need to spend your money on shoe stretcher…Thanks for the trick …:-) happy..

  • Andrea

    Worked so much!

  • Casey Snell

    I wouldn’t do this if I were pregnant… Wouldn’t your feet go back to normal size awhile after giving birth?
    Then they’d be too big!

    • Jenn

      Your foot size doesn’t go back after giving birth

    • 1161gr

      Actually, the Bones in your Pregnant Feet stretch out too, not just the flesh.
      They really do not ever go back to the same smaller size! also, because you’re on the go way more as a Mom, your feet swell earlier in the day, and take awhile to go back down, because you are that much busier!

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  • Cathy

    Can you do this procedure if the shoes are cloth, not leather?

    • dailybaxter

      I don’t think the hair dryer will work on cloth, but what will work is if you get them wet, then wear them around with the socks while they dry. Not as speedy as the hair dryer thing, but it works.

  • Hope Varnedoe

    i went from an 8 1/2 to a 9 after pregnancy – and it doesn’t go back like your waistline does. but even still once in a while i’ll get a 9 that is way too snug – i am definitely going to try this!

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  • honey_booboo

    it worked omg im so happy I spend hundreds on these jordans and it worked im so happy

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