Lightest, Summery-est Dessert Ever: Sorbet Cups

Q. Hi Jordan,

The amazing man I’m seeing has decided he wants to cook me dinner and is making me salmon. I want to volunteer a dessert…but I want to make something that complements it. Any suggestions?



A. Yes! I have the perfect dessert for you: sorbet cups are impressive-looking and go great with any light summer dinner…and they’re easy (all you need is some fresh fruit and fancy-ish – but store-bought – sorbet). Click here for the how-to.

Peach (above) is my favorite flavor, but if you go for lemon it’ll be a nice palate cleanser after seafood.

You can also add store-bought angel food cake and top it with a little Citrusy Raspberry Sauce, if you feel like doing something slightly more elaborate.




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