Dove & DailyCandy DryBar Event

I’ve never been to DryBar before. It is so nice.

Despite said niceness, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to dress like Britney Spears c. 2008. I have no excuse for that one, other than the fact that you really can’t put denim shorts and sparkle stars together in a single item of clothing and not expect me to hand over a credit card.

Anyway, DryBar is lovely. You get a little “menu” of options for blow-out styles (I went for “The Straight Up”: a straightforward blowout with a little volume at the roots and slight bend at the ends, but I saw lots of other girls go for “The Mai-Tai”, which is beachy, loose waves), and you’re out the door in about half an hour, including washing time.

Here’s me getting my blow-out…

…And here’s the finished product.

The Dove products that my stylist used: Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo + Conditioner, Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum when my hair was still damp, and a bit of Style+Care Nourishing Ends Serum to finish off the look.

And this was my view upon leaving DryBar. I mean…really?! Did the weather not get the memo that I had just gotten one of the better blow-outs of my life?

(The style did survive the trip home, though, thanks to the aforementioned anti-frizz products and the fact that a small miracle occurred and I discovered a mini umbrella hidden in the depths of my handbag.)

And this was the scene that I arrived home to. Monsters.

P.S. On June 15 at 2PM, I’ll be hosting a Twitter party with Dove during which I’ll be answering questions and offering up some styling tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more info (and click here to follow RG on Twitter).

 All non-Instagram photos: Amanda Caplin Photography.

  • those shorts are awesome!! i wish i had the legs to pull them off!

  • ladyv

    I love the dry bar!!! Salimah is such a great Stylist there! Such a friendly personality! My hair looks GREAT!

  • Beutyfull_1

    Go Salimah! Always some where doing hair well  lol and I love that necklace with the scissors too cute 🙂