A Decor Question For You!

OK, so here’s one of the little decor challenges going on with our home-to-be:

The bathrooms.

They’re not bad by any means…but they don’t have a ton of personality. Which is a good thing, in many ways. So many possibilities!

This is the “main” bathroom. I kinda like the striped wallpaper halfway up the walls, but don’t love the overall effect and heavy reliance on…burgundy (those curtains have got to go). I’m really into sort of lacy, country-cottage-y bathrooms…but this one definitely doesn’t lend itself to that kind of look, what with the dark marble and all.

I was thinking something like this might be a nice way to update what’s already there. Maybe with a bit more color involved.

And this is the bathroom that’s more out-of-the-way (it’s sort of in the basement, but has some natural light) and that I’m planning on making my home-away-from-home (I am so excited to finally have a bathtub). So this one can be girlier and softer: I’m thinking about soft whites in mixed textures, or the aforementioned lacy/whimsical look.

Like this.

In short: I have some ideas about what I’d like to do with each space…but what I’d really love is some outside perspective.

Any ideas?

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