I Need Some Nantucket In My Life

So here’s the thing: I do preppy really, really badly. In fact, I’d say I don’t really “do” it at all. Which means that I generally don’t do Tory Burch.

But the Spring 2011 collection? Oh mah goodness, I do I do I do.

Yesterday afternoon I swung by the press preview for the spring line, and it was like Nantucket, 1970, with a generous dose of fabulous.

Images after the jump.

Look at those colors! This is exactly what I want to see when I open my closet doors in the morning, instead of twenty thousand plaid shirts and pairs of leggings.

Karen, stylish as always, showing off a TB fedora.

Do you spy the Lucite? (Look closer.)

And finally, two images showing my absolute favorite looks from the collection:

Left: What I would wear if I was capable of pulling off a “ladylike” look (for something this gorgeous, I may just have to give it a shot).

Right: What to wear for a walk of shame following an evening spent at a ’70s disco party with a stoner who reluctantly handed over his favorite shirt for your cab ride home. In other words: awesome.

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