Kendrick’s Favorite Topic These Days

OK, so since my husband won’t stop talking about the Avengers movie, I figure that just because I roll my eyes and tune my mind to a different station when I hear the words “Marvel,” “team-up,” or “rad” doesn’t mean that you should be deprived of the hours – HOURS, I tell you – of information he’s trying to impart to me. Maybe this will exciting to some of you? Because he sure thinks it’s exciting.

What I’ve gathered:

-There’s something about a team. It’s probably going to be all the characters from the Marvel superhero movies, but probably not Daredevil for some reason. Wolverine will likely make an appearance, though, and that is excellent news (side note: pant).

-Apparently if you were paying attention to all those scenes after the credits in Iron Man and Wolverine and whatever, you’d know this was coming, duh. And the next movie is obviously going to be about Thor (…duh?).

-Thor is lame, but he’s just a necessary evil to get through to make the movie.

-Superman and Batman aren’t Marvel characters; they’re DC Comics creations. DC and Marvel are apparently bitter competitors, and Kendrick is very worked up about all this and says that he doesn’t want to pick a side. Like he thinks I’m going to argue with him.

-Stan Lee is definitely going to be in the movie (look for a guy with a mustache and listen for all the boys in the audience to have a total fit).

-Since the Avengers are all characters you find elsewhere, in their own series, they’ve always had less fervent followings than other comics.  While the allure of seeing all the characters you like in one place makes it attractive as light entertainment, this could be bad for The Comic Book Movie as a genre, mostly because there’s such a history of bad comic book movies, and The Avengers runs the risk of being the type of B-movie, cheap-thrill letdown that shoots Marvel’s pretty awesome past efforts in the foot.

-Or: this could be the biggest comic book movie of all time.

You know what I heard in there as good reasons to go see this thing with my husband?

1. Robert Downey, Jr.

2. Ed Norton

3. Hugh Jackman

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