Cancun / First 12 (or so) hours

Last night, after a little settling in, I headed down to The Oriental (one of the Park Royal Grand Cancun Caribe’s all-inclusive restaurants, pictured below) to meet my fellow bloggers (including Nadine, above) and eat my weight in fantastic (yay) and plentiful (double yay) sushi.

I am a BIG fan of all-inclusives – part of what I’m looking for in a vacation is a break from stress, and thinking about money is obviously pretty freaking stressful, so I love the idea that once you’ve paid, you’ve paid. That’s it. Done. I feel like when I go out to restaurants, I’m constantly doing little calculations in my head (well, if we split an appetizer maybe I can get the pasta, but definitely nothing to drink), and it’s such bliss to get a break from that. That said, it’s pretty easy to make people happy when you’re plying them with all the food and cocktails that they could possibly want, so there’s the danger that the quality can suffer…but even the wine at the Park Royal Grand is about ten thousand times better than it has to be to make me happy. So happy was I with said wine quality, in fact, that the evening ended with a possibly ill-advised swim in some pretty unconventional garb. I’ll leave it there.

And then…this morning, miracle of miracles, I woke up early…and went to the gym. That’s right: the gym. I’m posting this not-so-exciting shot to a) prove that I went (see that foot down there? Mine!) and b) remind myself that it felt GREAT. Exercise hasn’t been a part of my life for quite some time now, and I want that to change. Starting with tomorrow, when I will be elliptical-ing again (I figure if I say it “out loud,” as it were, I’ll have to follow through).

Me ‘n’ my cohorts:

(Totally snagged the group shot and the restaurant shot from Molly; thanks, Molly!). L to R: Nadine, Molly, me, Tenille, Kristen, and Amanda.

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