Smudging ceremonies are conducted to cleanse spaces of negativity; they symbolize new beginnings and heightened awareness. According to the Quest Bookshop newsletter, “The ritual of smudging can be defined as ‘spiritual house cleaning.’ The smoke attaches itself to negative energy. As the smoke clears, it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it to regenerate into something more positive.”


1. Light the “smudge stick” (preferably a bundle of white sage, or try this one, which adds lavender for a calming effect), and then gently wave it to extinguish.

2. If the goal is the cleansing of oneself, gather the smoke with your hands and draw it towards your body, paying special attention to areas of stress or imbalance.

3. If the goal is the cleansing of a space, direct the smoke towards the intended areas by blowing or gently fanning. Start in the doorway, and work around your home in a clockwise direction, paying particular attention to corners, the tops of walls, door frames, and window frames.

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