It’s redecorating day at Chez Jordan!

Our building is really, really old, and its age especially shows on the walls, which are utterly disastrous. My downstairs neighbor and bestie Stephen runs an unbelievable boutique wallpaper company called Cavern Home, and he and I have been talking for awhile about wallpapering select areas of our apartments to add some color and interest. He wanted to do a video to explore how to use wallpaper as an accent in the home, and had some extra rolls of the gorgeous pattern pictured above, Blackbird (which is also the pattern that I used on my lamp refurbish) in his apartment. This afternoon, New York installer Tom Nulty (tomnulty@aol.com) came over to do the installation while artist CJ Reilly made a time-release video for the Cavern Home blog. Pictures to come!

Next stop: Stephen’s place: he’s wallpapering his bathroom in Tigerlace and putting Migration on the ceiling. A-ma-zing.

Installation services generously provided by Cavern Home.

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