Lamp Refurbish (Steps 4-8)


4. Choose your wallpaper (I like really dramatic, graphic prints on such small areas, and am crazy about this Blackbird wallpaper from Cavern Home).

5. Trace the outline of the lampshade (both the wide end and the narrow end) on brown “practice paper”, leaving an extra inch for a seam (you do this on practice paper before you cut into the wallpaper because you want to make sure the sizing is right before you slice up the expensive stuff).

6. Cut out the practice paper strip and lay it over the desired area of wallpaper; wrap practice paper around lampshade to ensure that it fits correctly (there should be an inch of overlap for the seam).

7. Cut out wallpaper strip; wrap around lampshade to check fit.

8. As you left an extra inch for the seam, there should be about an inch of overlap. Secure this with rubber cement, a glue stick, or double-sided tape.

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