Lamp Refurbish (Steps 1-3)


1. Locate a dilapidated old lamp desperately in need of some love (found items are preferable, but a thrift shop or parents’ basement will do).

2. Lay down a drop cloth (you will get paint everywhere, no matter how careful you are…and I’m speaking from experience here. Well worth the two or so bucks).

3. Apply 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua paint (or whatever shade you like) to the stand, allowing to dry between coats (remember to stir the paint with a stick first). Remember, use semi-gloss or gloss if the stand is metal (matte is fine if you’re painting wood).

I think having a small dog doing yoga in close proximity facilitates the creative process, but if you don’t have one that’s OK, too. Obviously, if you have pets incapable of being in another room for an hour (Lucy cried when I put her in the office and broke my heart, so I had to let her curious self check out the goings-on) or humans who enjoy breathing in the vicinity, make sure that the area is well-ventilated – I opened all of my windows, kept the can of paint closed whenever I wasn’t using it, and had absolutely no issues with paint fumes. I also had the eminently responsible Eric on high alert in the event that Lucy ventured too close to the paint…I like my puppy’s natural coloring.

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