Why I’m Giving Up New Clothing Until 2020

Me, TJ Maxx ad campaign, 2013

When I write up my Links & Love & Stuff posts, this is how I do it: I put together a list of articles I've read recently that I think you guys would be into. I add a little commentary of my own. And then I finish by peppering in links to various products - clothing, usually - that I've seen and coveted on my daily travels around the Internet. I use affiliate links for those, so anytime someone makes a purchase from one of those links I get a small (usually minuscule) payout. Together, these affiliate links account for approximately 1/1,000th of my income. I do it anyway, though, because every little bit helps.

Yesterday, I was writing up Links & Love, and I got to the part where I do the clothing-peppering...and all of sudden I felt sick.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Dressing Room Try-On: Madewell Fall 2019

Alright, folks, apparently we have a new feature: The Dressing Room Try-On. I spontaneously did one of these at Everlane the other day, and it seems you guys were into it, hooray! ...But honestly? I think I was into it even more. It just felt like a throwback old-school blogging - you know, the kind I've been all nostalgic about lately - where everything isn't glittery and perfect and staged. It's just fun.

(I had fun.)

Madewell is one of those brands that I forget I love until I go into one of their stores, and then find myself wanting everything. Alas, it's also priced slightly above my "Everything" budget, so I had to keep the actual purchase to One Of The Things (scroll down to see which one I went for), but still: It was all so good.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

Four Perfect (And Affordable) Basics Your Fall Wardrobe Absolutely Needs

This is not an ad for Everlane. But it might as well be.

A few years ago, when Everlane first launched, they did a little blogger-seeding, and I ended up on the receiving end of one of their leather tote bags and a black turtleneck. The pieces were good - very good, even - but they never made the leap into constant rotation for me, and even though I poked around on Everlane's site from time to time, this tank top is the only piece I ever bought from them.

It's not that I didn't like Everlane's stuff - I am all about great basics, and am super on board with their ethos - but even given my generally positive experiences with the brand, I never really trusted that their direct-to-consumer (and thus surprisingly affordable) prices could come along with truly top-tier quality across the board. As an example, I didn't feel like the sold-out-everywhere Petra tote that I owned (and ended up giving to a friend) would be one of those leather items that ends up looking even better over time; I thought it might be more of a flash-in-the-pan thing.

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