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In Which I Explain The Cloud To My Five-Year-Old

“A Persian Cat living in the sky” is an equally plausible explanation.

Every so often, when trying to explain something to my children, I am struck by the degree to which the world of technology has outpaced my ability to sound like an adult who knows things. Even TV is beyond me. "See, people stand in front of a camera, and then their pictures and voices go onto a...sort of like a piece of tape? And then that goes into, a TV station, and they...tell the picture to go And then it comes onto your TV. Get it?"

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Stephen, and complaining about the fact that every time I have to do anything on my phone I have to first delete everything I possibly can (apps, any and all photos that I'm at least relatively unemotional about, etc). And he said, "Have you put them on the Cloud?"


(How To) Break On Through

Here's the question that's on my mind - and so many other people's minds - lately: What do we do now?

Yes, the Women's March was incredible; yes, more people showed up than anyone could have imagined; yes, it's clear that millions of people are ready and willing to fight back...but still, the question remains: How do we keep going? Especially in the face of the tidal waves of news stories that wash over us every morning, alerting us to the fact that yes, once again THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING A PERSON CAN DO HAS BEEN DONE? (I've actually started trying to internally narrate my morning news consumption using John Oliver's voice, because every single day opens with "Here is a decision that must be made, and the options are a) Goodness and Light, and b) Death and Hellfire," and virtually every time the answer is "Well, B, OBVIOUSLY. Why? Because...hey, look over there! Is that Ivanka in a cute dress?! THE BABY IS CRAWLING!"


What To Do During A Power Outage (In Los Angeles)

When the power goes out on the East Coast, everybody rolls their eyes and gets Chinese takeout and goes out to a bar or to bed. When the power goes out on the West Coast, there is widespread panic and people floating down streets in duck rafts. Having been suddenly detached from social media and television and, Los Angelenos sit paralyzed in the center of their darkened living room floors, asking themselves life's greatest question:

...What do I do now?

Last night, as you know if you follow me on Snapchat or IG stories, our power went out, along with the power of...ohhhhh....everybody in LA, apparently.


Come Together (Right Now)

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook about Donald Trump, terrible person, et cetera ad infinitum. In response, someone commented essentially telling me to shut up and go back to talking about clothing. And then she unfollowed me, thereby pretty effectively achieving her goal of not having to hear me anymore.

It bothered me. Not because she's not entitled to her opinion, but because it's this unwillingness to even listen for a moment to those who disagree with you, that - to me - lies at the root of the crossroads at which we find ourselves. We're talking and talking and talking without ever taking a moment to listen. We're lobbing arguments at each other, barely even reading or hearing the response before shouting back. We're unfollowing each other.

I am very much aware that not everybody who reads here is liberal, or anti-Trump. I try to be sensitive to that, while still expressing my beliefs. I thank those of you who disagree with my politics and continue reading here nonetheless. I want you to know that I'd like to hear from you more.