Tears And All

Last year, on my birthday, I wrote this - and I think that even though I didn't know it at the time, that moment very clearly marked the end of one thing, and the beginning of another.

This year, my birthday was - for lack of a better word - weird. It was my weekend with the kids, and a three-day weekend at that, so I came up with all sorts of grand plans. These, alas, ended up getting sidelined by a monster head cold, but on Saturday night I rallied, having planned a whole hibachi dinner-bowling fiesta for myself, the kids, Francesca, and my neighbor Margo and her daughters. And then, at 6PM, Francesca took one look at me getting ready to head out, all sniffles and patheticness, and suggested we take it down a notch.

Here's the part that got weird: By 6pm, I didn't actually want to go to the hibachi-bowling thing; I was sick and exhausted and half-asleep already. So when Francesca suggested we just do a low-key dinner somewhere nearby I immediately agreed...and then, just as immediately, started crying. Like, heaving.


Five Things I Learned From Francesca This Weekend

Totally casual magazine-reading outfit (dress by Cleobella)

On Friday afternoon, I arrived at Francesca's house for a little kid-free staycation only to find her triumphantly reducing some apricots to make a pork chop sauce. "I just invented this dish!" she declared. "It's SO DELICIOUS!"

We exclaimed over and over about the particular combination of flavors - how unexpected! how delightful! - and snapped a couple of pics, because clearly I would need to post about this unexpectedly delightful new dish.


The Mental Illness Happy Hour

So, shocker: It turns out that doing a press tour for a book about anxiety results in QUITE the intense interviews. For my first two books, people asked me about...you know, like, Tips For What To Wear When Pregnant. For this one? "Tell me your deepest childhood traumas and most profoundly held fears."


You can listen to my interview on The Mental Illness Happy Hour here; the interview part starts at around 1:10.


Atomic Moms Interview: Anxiety, Divorce, and Falling On Our Faces

A couple of years ago, when The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People came out, I had one of the best interview experiences of my life with Ellie Knaus of Atomic Moms - and so obviously I had to come back while doing press for the new book. In this episode we talk perfectionistic tendencies, anxiety attacks, massive life transitions, and single mom life. Oh, and we swap tales of hitting our absolute most humiliating rock bottoms before we became “recovering actors” (Ellie's term, which I have now adopted as my own).

Oh AND I have real-time, major Life Realizations in this one. Like, on the air, while talking to Ellie. You can hear them. I also get weepy. It's a good time.


Bits Of My Body

Whenever I write for sites other than this one right here - and especially when the topics are less "Ten Things To Wear For Summer!" and more "Here Are My Greatest Fears As A Woman/Parent/Human" - it feels like I'm sending little bits of my body out into the universe for people to do with as they will.

It is scary. I do it anyway, because over the years I've discovered that doing anything else isn't really an option for me.

On Tuesday, three new articles of mine went live, coinciding with the launch of The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, and they're...personal. Pieces of me, and so on.

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