Five Right-This-Moment Favorites

OK, my actual right-this-moment favorite thing is “napping every g-damned day while my kids are in school BECAUSE I CAN,” but putting that aside for a moment: Here’s what I’m very, very into right now.

1. All things vintage Betsey Johnson. Betsey is my neighbor, which is actual #lifegoals – she tools around our neighborhood in a golf cart rocking the most amazing neon dreadlocks, and I have never (like literally not once) seen her emerge into public without red lipstick and what appears to be every ring she owns – but my love affair with her eponymous brand goes way, way back. I lucked into inheriting the incredible blouse pictured above (more shots here) from my mom, but if you search “vintage Betsey Johnson” on Etsy you’ll find a treasure trove of light-as-air floral dresses that are, IMO, absolutely perfect for Spring 2021 and our re-emergence into real life (remember that?!).

2. Kristin Hannah books. A few weeks ago I solicited book recs on Instagram, and THANK YOU to everyone who recommended The Great Alone. Kristin Hannah’s epic novel about a 1970s family who moves to the Alaskan frontier and has to cope with the father’s increasingly terrifying PTSD symptoms from his stint in Vietnam is, quite simply, one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever read – so much so that I immediately ordered and read The Nightingale, Hannah’s earlier novel about sisters living in France during the WWII German occupation, and…again. One of the best works of fiction I’ve ever read. (I actually hugged it when I finished, which is the weird thing I do when I read something I truly love.) Currently waiting on The Four Winds to arrive.

lunya washable silk sleep shirt shorts

3. Lunya nightwear. I’ve been stalking this sustainable, washable silk brand on Instagram for about a year now…and one of my best friends just gave me their sleep shorts set as an early birthday present (!). I could not sing its praises more highly: It fits like a dream (size down; I’m usually a medium, but the size small in this is perfect on me; still oversized and floaty, just how you want it), and some magic that they sew into the fabric makes it super breathable and keeps you at the perfect temperature all night long. I’m someone who is constantly either too hot or too cold, but in this: Never. Really. (Also, their Insta-famous sleep mask is a dream.)

4. Summersalt string bikini. I’ve been wearing Summersalt’s one-pieces for years (this one is my favorite), but this is my first time ordering one of their bikinis. I’m constantly on the hunt for a string bikini that will cover all the bits and bobs – I like the look of them, but I definitely have some curves that need handling – and decided to try Summersalt because it comes in a wide range of sizes for both top and bottom. Turns out the bikini is my new favorite in my closet: It’s well-made with quality fabric, and sexy without being *too* skimpy. Note: Definitely use their sizing key, because I turned out to be a 10 on top and an 6 on bottom, and wouldn’t have ordered those sizes without having measured in advance.

5. Gambrell Renard slippers. If you already follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of my obsession with this brand (pictured above with my Lunya sleep set). I can’t recall how I discovered them, but the second I saw their insane sheepskin muppet-slippers, I knew that one day I’d need to own a pair. Do. Not. Regret.

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