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Anyone else extremely grateful for eye cream and cocktails rn? 

Just ordered a pair of these waterproof, lightweight Birkenstocks for gardening purposes, and am PUMPED.

Ideas for book-involving crafts (handmade bookmarks, painting on pages, etc) that are actually really cute. (Bookish Crafts to Do in Quarantine, via Book Riot.)

Shoot. We were trying to save money over here. (25 Instagram-Famous Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth the Hype, via Who What Wear.)

3D renderings of “the perfect summer escape” created by a skincare brand in collaboration with Child Studio. Super weird, but also so beautiful. (Casa Plenaire Is An Imaginary Holiday Home for Lockdown Escapism, via Dezeen.)

If anyone was wondering what I would like for my birthday, the answer is “for my favorite local restaurant to reopen so I can eat their truffle fries.” But I would also enjoy anything from Fry Powers. Mostly this. Or this.

*Raises hand, waves wildly.* (Fomo Haunted Me for Years – But the Coronavirus Pandemic Cured Me, via The Guardian.)

Love love love this Vitamin C serum from The Ordinary.

Necessary information (and adooooore the shoulder-pad t-shirt). (I Wear A Black Tee Every Day – Here Are My 5 Favorites, via Who What Wear.)

“We are like items to them; they can’t go without us.” This was a fascinating read. (Sheltering With Your Boss: Five Nannies Tell All, via New York Mag.)

I watched the Goop Lab episode on this, and am totally on board. If Gwyneth says A Thing Is Good, it must be! (Kidding. But I also do want to try this.) (Time To Start Hallucinating: Are Psychedelics the Key to Mental Health? via Town & Country.)

mud girl run interview

This afternoon, my interview with Mud Girl goes live – ’twas a fun one, and you can check it out here.

Currently doing this puzzle, and it’s the prettiest.

Fold your pillow in half to see if it springs back to find out if you need a new one, and more (actually) helpful tips for better sleep. (The Sleep Commandments, via Real Simple.)

If you’ve ever fantasized about opening up your own bed-and-breakfast (same)…maybe read this first. (What Happened When I Bought A Hotel By Mistake, via CNN.)

Relevant to my current interests, part 1. (9 Clever Ways to Keep a Pet-Filled House Clean, via HGTV Magazine.)

Relevant to my current interests, part 2. (The Benefits of Not Shaving for Long Periods of Time, via Well + Good.)

Relevant to my current interests, part 3. (12 Foolproof Ways to Style Your Leggings, via InStyle.)

I’m rarely super-excited by recipe roundups because I find I only like a couple of the ideas, but this one is phenomenal. (31 Easy Dinner Recipes, for When You Just Can’t With Cooking, via Bon Appetit.)

The psychology behind online subscription programs – and the unexpected joy you may find in giving (some of them) up. (My Oversubscribed Life, via Esquire.)

Weekend plans: Solved. (Which Documentaries You Should Watch After ‘Tiger King,‘ via Buzzfeed.)

emu australia wrenlette slippers

…But those are my favorite slippers.

Ooh! Ooh! I can answer this! No. (Will I Ever Wear Pants Again? via The Cut.)

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