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There’s still a few days left to enter to win the print of your choice from Thirty9, which offers a selection of fine art photography that you can browse by theme, color, room, and so on. (I’m obsessed with the agave plant print pictured above.)

Speaking of plants: You may have noticed that I changed my palms. RG’s home page header now features a piece by Ariane Moshayedi (all her work is gorgeous; you should check it out).

What’s better than wine? Wine…with poetry. Verse & Vine’s wines are sourced in Paso Robles and Monterey, and come complete with ambience right there on the bottle.

Have to say, this degree of pettiness pleases me. (17 Times People Took Petty To A Whole Other Level, via Buzzfeed.)

On my to-buy list: This kids’ Tarot deck.

I have finally committed to consistent and thorough sun protection (mostly because I am wildly dismayed by how the skin on my chest is starting to look; am wishing I had come to this realization two or three decades sooner) and picked up Supergoop’s SPF50 Defense Refresh Setting Mist, which can be sprayed on over makeup for a midday SPF boost.

Related: This article answers the question “Does wearing makeup with SPF in it count as sun protection?” (Great product suggestions included, as well.

These macrame hanging chairs are adorable, and confusingly inexpensive.

I am a believer in maple syrup being made of actual syrup from actual maples…but I taste-tested Lakanto’s syrup flavored with monkfruit, and YOU GUYS. It might be sugar-free, keto-approved, low-calorie, blah blah blah…but it might also be better. 

This article about Chandler Bing’s job (…what was it, again?) is actually about the prescience of Friends’ romanticization of work culture, and is a phenomenal read.  (On Chandler Bing’s Job, via The Atlantic.)

Currently coveting…a cat scratcher. Have officially made the leap to Weird Cat Lady. (This Cat Scratching Toy Has Over 6,000 Five-Star Reviews, via People.)

nipomo hand woven Mexican blanket

Could not love Nipomo’s hand-woven blankets more – and fall is a perfect time to stock up. I use these things indoors, outdoors, for everything from camping to snuggling by the TV.

Am I the only one who thinks Amazon’s Top 100 Toys list is lame? Don’t worry, I’ll come up with some better suggestions for you when we get around to gift guide season. (We Just Got a Sneak Peek at Amazon’s 2019 Top 100 Toys List, and It’s Major, via PopSugar.)

It’s still swimsuit season here in CA, and the color of these MGS suits is so good. Warning: Do not buy your actual size in the bottoms. Buy one size up; maybe two. They are so. small.

And right here, in a single article, is the difference between those of us who entered the Age of Instagram in our (late) twenties, and those of us who entered in our teens. (Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram, via The Cut.)

If you missed the viral video of the woman in Walmart yelling at a man using food stamps to purchase food for his child (or even if you didn’t), this article is a must-read. (Ketchup Sandwiches and Other Things Stupid Poor People Eat, via Human Parts.)

I want to live in this Vogue pictorial. (Big Country: Hailey Bieber Heads for the Idyllic Wilds of Jackson, Wyoming, via Vogue.)

So I have not cared much about Taylor Swift for quite some time now – I was among those turned off by what I perceived (apparently incorrectly) as her political apathy – but oh, I care about her now. Damn. (Taylor Swift: The Rolling Stone Interview.)

Pork Carnitas Tacos! (7 Tried-and-True Three-Ingredient Dinners I Make from Trader Joe’s, via Buzzfeed.)

I am – shamefully – one of those people who pops up like Pavlov’s dogs the second the little unfasten-your-seatbelts ding! goes off. And every time, I smack my head; a reminder of the lesson that I apparently will never learn. You will not get off the plane faster if you stand up the first second that you can. You just won’t. (The Completely Correct Guide to Getting Off a Plane, via The Washington Post.)

Perfect black silk cami, on sale.

Worth checking out for the otters alone. (40 Hysterical Finalists In This Year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards, via Insider.)

Super-cool story on what it looked like to be an influencer in the pre-social media world. (An Oral History of New York’s Most Avant-Garde (and Underrated) Creators, Threeasfour, via Vogue.)

I tried Popeye’s chicken for the first time in my life just a few months ago (I know, I know), and I completely understand this article without even having to read it. (The Popeye’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Shortage, Explained, via Vox.)

Here’s me with the crew at last year’s MTHR retreat, posted as evidence in favor of why you need to finally buy a pair of Sorel boots.

Fascinated by all the stuff I’m reading lately about how hallucinogen microdosing helps with everything from addiction to depression. (How One Year of Microdosing Helped My Career, Relationships, and Happiness, via Better Human.)

I’m firmly in favor of legalizing sex work. This article does a good job of explaining why. (Sex Work Encompasses More Than What We See On TV, via The Lily.)

 These earrings bewitch me.

I understand nothing that is going on here. I feel so old. (What Does It Mean To Be A “VSCO Girl,” via The Cut.)

And here, summed up quite nicely, is why I can say that I will never, ever (no, not ever) attend Burning Man. Like, ever. (Attending Burning Man or Parenting A Toddler? via McSweenys.)

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