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Currently wearing nearly every day: these vintage Givenchy clip-ons (lots of similar styles are here).

Because not everything in the world is broken. (17 Acts of Kindness by Total Strangers Who Expected Nothing In Return, via Buzzfeed.)

…And more. (33 Tweets That’ll Remind You The World Isn’t A Dumpster Fire, via Buzzfeed.)

And MORE. (18 Times Complete Strangers On The Internet Had The Absolute Funniest Response, also via Buzzfeed.)

Filed under: I wish I knew about this for Father’s Day, but am glad I know about it now. We Plenish’s smart coffee container (! what) re-orders coffee for you when it senses that you are running low. I KNOW. #wearelivinginthefuture (If you use this link to order with code 20JRAMZD you’ll get 20% off at checkout.)

Completely sold, and am heading to Burger King to try an Impossible Burger ASAP. (Really.) (This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry, via Outside.)

I love these men. We need to hear more openness about the process of grieving. (Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper Share a Touching Moment About Grief Together, via Time.)

Anyone else have residual affection for Steve? (Hey ’90s Kids, Can We Please Talk About That Board Game, Dream Phone? via HelloGiggles.)

We will need to go into this in greater detail at a later date, but omg the Cold Brew + Cacao smoothie from Daily Harvest, omg.

diy forky kit from toy story 4

Have you seen Toy Story 4? Of course you have. And does your child want a Forky of her own? Of course she does. Here you go.

So matching bridesmaids dresses? Were apparently originally intended to distract rampaging hordes of men from stealing the bride. #themoreyouknow (The Surprising History Behind the Most Popular Wedding Traditions, via Refinery29.)

I put this one-shoulder Alexander Wang (it’s a size 2, and too small for me) up for sale on TheRealReal, and it’s now been discounted insanely below what I wanted to list it at, but I also can’t seem to figure out how to take it off sale. So I’d rather see it go to one of you. Have at it.

Adore this. (Photo Of Moms Feeding Their Babies is a Beautiful Reminder That Nourishment Takes Many Forms, via Romper.)

These sweatpants are both confusingly cool and confusingly expensive. But they’re Philip Lim, and they’re on sale, so.

Something called a “Pasta Pass” exists. Helloooooo lover. (I’ve Had an Olive Garden Pasta Pass 5 Years In A Row. Here Are My True Confessions, via

Who remembers these?!?!?!?! I saw them at Sweet Bu (the Malibu candy shop I wrote about a couple of weeks ago) and freaked. out.

Well. This is intense. (Minnesota Man Sentenced to 3 Years After His Wife, 69, Dies During Meth-Fueled “Death Party,” via People.)

“Just bought 50 boxes of animal crackers and a kayak.” (19 Hilariously Real Costco Tweets Someone Needs to Frame Immediately, via Buzzfeed.)

 Perfect backpack; perfect price.

Also in bag news: the absolute coolest rollerball suitcase I’ve seen – and one that you’ll definitely be able to spot on the conveyer belt.

my favorite haircut of all time

Pouring one out for my favorite haircut of all time. Booking an appointment to get back to this STAT.

I know, I’m jumping the gun…but for your holiday consideration, here is the most gloriously flattering red dress.

Tried out this Mamonde clay mask last night and love it – tingly but not drying, with little granules that exfoliate lightly without irritating your skin.

I am so annoyed with myself for continuing to want these sunglasses. Tell me they’re passé? …Please?

My immensely talented friend Nadine Jolie wrote a STUNNING new YA novel that you don’t have to be a YA to enjoy (just ask my mom, who picked it up the other weekend and then couldn’t put it down. All-American Muslim Girl follows the story of Allie, a young woman simultaneously dealing with Islamophobia…and high school. Choice review: “Perfect and stunningly authentic…Allie’s courage and integrity is such a beautiful thing to witness in a young protagonist like this.”

Everyone needs a simple, elegant dress like this (available in black and ivory).

“To be a modern, urbane woman means to be a serious drinker...Booze is the oil in our motors, the thing that keeps us purring when we could be making other kinds of noise.” Drinking – how I drink, when I drink, and, most importantly, why I drink – is something that I’ve been paying increasing attention to lately, and I sent this Medium piece about the complex and intimate relationship between alcohol and modern-day womanhood to tons of my girlfriends. It’s a must-read.

Love these clear slides (and they’re big-time on sale).

Soap bubbles and Mexican ponchos. Oh, fashun. I adore you. (The Mashups Behind the 2019 Fall Fashion Collections, via W.)

Well, these recommendations are fun! And I second the Walmart buyer’s rec for Hallu Magical Bath Bombs – both my daughter and I love them. (The Secret Life of a Beauty Buyer, via Allure.)

This jumpsuit vexes me.

I owe myself an apology for all the shit I let slide

And finally: this.

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