Sex And Gender Bias In Medicine Is Real, And It Is Killing People

“Studies have shown that when going to the ER with urgent abdominal pain, women were less likely to receive any pain medication…A lot of times women’s symptoms, especially pain, are attributed to emotional imbalance, or women being hysterical or crying wolf about their pain.” Well. There you go.

And there’s this: “If you’re a woman of color in this country – especially if you’re black – your odds of dying in childbirth are 3-5 times higher than average in our country. We believe black women less when they express concerns about the symptoms they’re having, especially when it comes to pain.”

Thanks to all of you who forwarded this link to me.

Summary: If something is wrong, advocate for yourself. Aggressively. Because there is a very real chance that no one else will do it for you.

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