Four Right-This-Moment Objects Of Obsession

Ear Cuffs

I love cartilage piercings. I love all types of ear piercings, in fact. Alas, my body does not love them, and lets me know this by summarily rejecting 80% of the pieces of metal that I attempt to insert in it. This obviously doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the concept – I plan to go in for a couple of new piercing attempts in the fall – but I have recently discovered the beauty of no-pierce ear cuffs, and feel, for the time being, somewhat sated in the body-modification department.

aurate ear cuff

At the top of my list of Desired Ear Cuffs: this kaleidoscope cuff, this textured gold cuff, and this black diamond cuff, oooooh). (Bonus: All of these pieces are from AUrate – a company founded on the principles that fine jewelry can and should be fairly priced (read: not marked up because of 10,000 middlemen), use sustainably sourced materials, and focus on giving back to the community in which it is produced – in this case, by partnering with New York City charter schools to support literacy efforts.

blazers and shorts outfit


Helloooooooo, 2009! For the time being, let’s not discuss the whole blazer-and-shorts pairing happening up there (that’s for a later post, because this topic obviously requires some serious attention) – suffice it to say that I have rediscovered an entire genre of clothing that was hiding at the back of my closet for a cool decade, and that is now situated right at the center of my wardrobe. Slouchy blazers? Yes. Tailored blazers? Surely. Skinny lapel blazers and boyfriend blazers and striped blazers and blazers with tiny pineapples on them? WHY NOT.

sky organics Indian healing clay

Sky Organics Indian Healing Clay

I’ve been breaking out a bit lately (summer? more Trumples? who knows), and have been in search of a detoxifying mask to spot-treat my problem areas – the sides of my chin and around my nose, mostly. This healing clay is a new discovery of mine, and it is phenomenal: you combine the clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar or water, and apply for fifteen minutes. Your skin visibly tightens up while the mask is on a la that wrinkly-old-person-mask everyone on IG was freaking out over awhile back, and you may experience a bit of redness after you (gently) remove it with a warm washcloth, but you will also experience truly remarkable skin-clearing and purifying effects for an unbeatable price.

(Oh, and keep an eye on my IG – I’m giving away some Healing Clay along with a couple of my other favorite Sky Organics products towards the end of the week.)

maybe you should talk to someone review

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, by Lori Gottleib

My therapist recommended this book to me because she couldn’t put it down, and once I posted about it on IG I heard from a ton of you guys about how you also couldn’t put it down. And several of you even mentioned having had it recommended to you by your own therapists. Weird.

The book is about a therapist going through her own post-hideous-breakup therapeutic process while also treating patients with a variety of ills. It’s all beautifully interwoven and compelling – a beach read that also happens to be one of those books that takes your breath away from time to time, because it tells you precisely the thing you needed to hear. Highly recommended.

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