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Vince sweater (via TJ Maxx); Hozen bag; Zara sparkle pants (similar).

The point of this post is to answer a reader question that is very close to my heart, because it is about sweaters. But the secondary point of this post is to answer another reader’s question, about Rent the Runway Unlimited.

Just so you have a sense of what you’re getting into here.

Class is in session! OK, first question.

I’m loving wearing sweatshirts, skinny jeans and boots this winter, but I feel like I want to upgrade my sweatshirts some. J. Crew has cute ones, but not for $75?!?! Anyway, can you do a “sexy sweatshirt” post? Ha. 


This is my specialty.

Literally all I want to wear are sweaters and their even-better cousin, sweatshirts. Every single morning, I go to get dressed (or, ok, if we’re being persnickety, I don’t usually get dressed until around school pickup time, but DETAILS), and think, “I should wear something other than a sweatshirt.” Then I put that other-something on, and then I take that other-something off, and there I am in my sweatshirt.

That said, I am also extremely picky about my sweaters’ and sweatshirts’ personal qualities. They must be lightweight, but not so lightweight that I have to worry about the color of my bra (which will always be the wrong color, because my dresser eats my bras). They have to be long enough to do the little front-tuck thing, but not so long that I feel like I’m wearing a tunic, because that is a different category of clothing entirely. And they have to be a little bit floofy around the neckline. (“Floofy,” if you’re wondering, refers to a sort of adorable dishevelment of the off-the-shoulder sort. I made it up.)

So. The answer to question #1 is yes, I have suggestions, and they are here (one is $75, but too pretty not to at least show you):

But that leads me to question #2, which is as follows:

Can you do a post about Rent the Runway Unlimited? Do you like it???

rent the runway unlimited review

That is a rented sweater and I live in it these days.

Short answer: Yes I can, and yes I do. In fact, I LOVE it. Love it love it love it. But the reason I love it has to do with…

…wait for it…

Sweaters. (See?! Thematic.) Because here’s the thing about Rent the Runway: I always feel like, you know…if you’re going to rent clothing, it should probably be for, like, an “event.” …Right? But I decided to join Rent the Runway’s Unlimited program because I had this idea that it would save me money – since I tend to like using new pieces for shoots and such, and also have a tendency to think I love something, buy it, and then never wear it, because it is not a sweater or sweatshirt that has the precise qualities I seek.

So anyway, I joined RTR Unlimited. Here’s how it works: You pay $149 a month, and you can rent up to four pieces at a time. You can exchange them as often as you want, or hold on to them for as long as you want. (I tend to swap out my stuff at the actual brick-and-mortar RTR store near me, just because I like seeing things in person.)

For the first couple of weeks I thought I had to rent fancy/expensive/”special” pieces, because otherwise what’s the point? And then I realized that I can borrow pieces for weeks, if I want to. Or return them after a day, and pick up another. And so you know what I borrow from RTR now?

Sweaters. Allllll the amazing sweaters. (And crazy fur jackets that I would never buy but really enjoy wearing.)

And just like that, Reader #1’s question is answered once over. #fullcircle #ihaveaheadcold #littleloopytodayincaseyoucouldnttell.

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