Please Tell Me What To Do In Hong Kong and Jakarta


…So that I don’t kill my father before we’ve even begun our 4,000 hour transcontinental flight. …Please?

Because he is currently doing the Dad Thing where he sends me article after article after article on Ten Things To Do In X Location!, and for whatever reason this is making me react like a bratty 16-year-old (UGH DAAAAAAAD), and I literally cannot make myself read the articles, but he will not stop sending them to me. (I’m also super conflicted about the trip full-stop, which doesn’t help.)

…Can you help me figure out what to do in Hong Kong and Jakarta, so I can copy and paste your answers and send them to my father, and so that he will think I actually did the requested research (assuming, of course, that he is not a daily reader of

Thank you.

(Links to some semi-thematically-relevant posts below, just for fun.)



I Followed A Flight Attendant’s Tips On How To Get A Free Upgrade…And They Worked

Coincidence and luck might play a role here. Possibly a significant one. But still: anytime there’s free food on the table, my feeling is its worth a shot.


How to Make It Through A Long Flight With Kids

Short story: If your child cries? GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS, even if what she wants is her sixteenth lollipop. This is a horrible policy in life; on planes, it is gold. You’ll be a shining beacon of parenthood later, but for now what’s important is getting there alive, and that is greatly facilitated by not making your seatmate want to kill you.


Honeymoon-In-Thailand Photos

These photos – and videos – went missing for years. Everything else aside, I’m so glad they were found.


What To Wear In The Air

Cashmere sweatpants, it turns out, are necessary.


What To Do When You're Stuck In The Airport With Kids

Remember that time that I missed my flight and spent TWELVE HOURS stuck in an airport with my three-year-old?

That qualifies me as an expert in the matter.


Airplane Etiquette: The (VERY) Talkative Seatmate

If your seatmate on an airplane talks for four straight hours, even if he is super-sweet…are you allowed to be annoyed?

(I’ll answer that one myself: Yes. …But what, if anything are you allowed to do about it?)

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