My Looks

The Uniform, Currently

Very slowly, I am turning into a California-ized version of Diane Keaton. That, IMO, can only be a positive thing.

Remember “menocore,” the Man Repeller-coined term I mentioned awhile back? You know: the look that involves a lot of neutral, floaty layers of the sort typically spotted on menopausal Hamptons residents? I want to own nothing that doesn’t fit into this category of clothing, and lately all I want to wear is the decidedly Keaton-esque outfit pictured above – a pair of loose cotton pants from Zara, and one or another of my massive striped button-down shirts (of which I own, oh, so many). Sunglasses. Minimal jewelry.

(As an aside, it is unfortunate to have white pants be what you want to wear every day, because what happens to them when you do this is they are no longer white.)

Some pieces inspired by my outfit up there for your (and my) summer wardrobe consideration:




…Nothing. (Shoes are so overrated.)

  • m

    I find it very interesting how your style has changed over the years, but I noticed that something special happened after your surgery. For a while it seemed like you were struggling (with the hair extensions, that was odd), but now you look so confident, so comfortable in your skin and your age. It doesn’t feel forced. It looks so good on you. keep it up (minus the vetements =b )

    • jordanreid

      hahahahaha I don’t know what you mean; I looked SPECTACULAR in the vetements post 😉 😉 😉
      (thank you. I really appreciate that <3 )

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