“Puking Pumpkin” Guacamole

Obviously you need to make a puking pumpkin this Halloween. My personal preference is to do the bare minimum with the pumpkin (does it have a mouth? does it have eyes? you’re done.) and just throw on a whole bunch of Costco-brand guacamole, because come on: it’s a vomiting pumpkin – how much more do you need?

But if you want to get all fancy and particular about it, here are a whole bunch more ideas for how to completely gross out your guests.


Terrifying Candy Corn Pumpkin

Goodness this is creepy. So creepy that I feel like he should be puking kitten paws and nightmares instead of candy corn.


College PTSD Pumpkin

I can’t even look at this without thinking about Tequila Sunrises.


Kate Capshaw Pumpkin

If the Kate-Capshaw-holding-a-terrifying-yellow-scorpion scene in Indiana Jones has ever given you nightmares, this one is (probably not) for you.


Healthy Pumpkin (OK, Watermelon, But Whatever)

This fruit-inclusive dish is the equivalent of handing out apples to trick-or-treaters, but still: it’s pretty funny.


Please Don't Do This Pumpkin

So much no.

(…And also maybe a tiiiiiiny bit yes?)

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