The Finishing Touch

Door knockers are up there with mulch and outdoor sconces in the list of things that I never imagined I’d even think about, much less get excited about. …I mean, who gets excited about a door knocker?


BECAUSE MINE IS A PINEAPPLE. (Specifically the pineapple pictured above.)

I’ve been obsessing over Michael Healy’s door knocker designs for a couple of months now – and if you scroll down and take a look at the pieces below, I think the idea of obsessing over a door knocker will make more sense. Our house makeover was so dramatic – and I was so happy with the results – that I just wanted to give it one final touch to make it feel like it’s officially ours. Enter: my pineapple.

pink front door on a ranch house

 Check out the full house makeover here 

P.S. Not all of the below designs are Michael Healy – I threw in a bunch of options at a variety of price ranges for your door knocker-perusing pleasure.



Bees are not especially cute, but for some reason this bee is. It’s like the door knocker version of Boo The Pomeranian.


Hospitality Pineapple

This version of the hospitality pineapple is slightly less glitzy than the version I own – but it’s also less expensive and still super pretty.


Blue Crab

Crabs freak me out, and I would not want one one hanging on my door. But I can (sort of) understand why somebody might.



The rabbit one, please.



This is a door knocker shaped like a bug, and yet I would totally be okay with owning it. It’s just so elegant and pretty.


Palm Tree

This was a close runner-up to the pineapple for me. Thisclose.



This super-ornate style is whimsical and unique, but a little more classic than the other designs shown here.



This feels very Alice In Wonderland to me.


Rabbit Riding Elephant

Everything about this is amazing.


Labyrinth Pair

Oh my god. Oh my godddddddd.

  • Beffgus

    I don’t even have a house and I’m excited by most of these,

    • jordanreid

      RIGHT? Weird.

      • Beffgus

        I might need the Labyrinth ones to just hang on my wall.

        • jordanreid

          I’m seriously considering that as well. Maybe on bathroom doors??? They’re SO GOOD.

  • I really like your pineapple and I nearly bought the Anthropologie pineapple for our own house, but it didn’t quite work with our 1930s-style house and the rest of our front yard’s design. BUT, i’m a big fan of the dragonfly and the bumblebee, so I might order one of those!

    • jordanreid

      I LOVE the bumblebee. And I love your style, so now I’m dying to see your entryway 🙂

      • The ultimate compliment – thank you! Will snap a pic of whatever we decide to go with in th end. Right now, people just flick our letterbox a few times which always makes me jump!