The Springtime Bed

Floral Embroidered Bedding Set

Kendrick and I are terribly, horribly mismatched when it comes to our internal thermostats. He is literally always freezing and constantly accusing me of stealing his covers, which cannot possibly be true because when I sleep I transform into a human furnace. Nobody is allowed to touch me, because I will sweat myself into a puddle, and “nobody” includes covers other than the ones that are absolutely required in order to prevent the monster under the bed from touching my feet.

Despite the fact that bedding is a contentious issue in my house, it’s still one of my favorite things to shop for: it just instantly transforms your space. If you’re in the market for some pretty new bedding to make you feel all airy and fresh and springy, I put a rundown of some current faves below.


Anthropologie Paravel Quilt

This country-style quilt


Biscuit Home Bloomsbury Set

I am not typically a  person. But the florals from Biscuit Home are all the good stuff about your mom’s sheets in the 1980s minus actually being sheets in the 1980s. I adore them.


bluebellgray Sophia Sheets

These feel bright and springy – and I love this shade of pink; it’s muted and not cloying in the slightest.


Urban Outfitters Tufted Dot Coverlet

A coverlet is both a great way to update your bedding without investing in a full-on set, and a perfect weight for those of you who, like me, turn into tiny furnaces at night.


Anthropologie Kessabine Duvet

Embroidery AND patchwork AND pom-poms? Sold. (Seriously though, isn’t this gorgeous?!)


bluebellgray Kalkan Collection

This embroidered collection – the comforter is pictured above on my bed – is a perfect way to embrace florals and color while still feeling simple and not-too-girly.


Anthropologie Soft-Washed Linen Set

I was wandering around in Anthropologie with my mom a few weeks ago, and brushed my hand across this set – and it was so soft it literally stopped me in my tracks. It comes in other pastel colors, but for a set like this, I’d go with white.


This Llama Pillow

Because it’s a llama pillow.

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