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Adrienne Landau Hat | Dylan’s Candy Bar Christmas Paint Can

It’s tiiiiiiiime.

I am doing literally (and I do mean literally) all of my shopping right here on my couch this year, because despite the fact that I no longer have to brave icy roads and navigate my way through ten-thousand degree stores while wearing marshmallow-shaped coats, I have two children who enter stores and…well…do this.

We’re all full up on ear-splitting wails this week. Internet shopping it is!

My feeling about Christmas presents is that they should be stuff that the recipient will love, but would never actually buy for herself. Stuff that she can actually use, but that’s just a tiny bit special. A hat…but one with a pom-pom the size of a baseball. A phone charger…but one with sparkles.

A FAUX-FUR LEOPARD ICE SCRAPER. (This exists. I think it is hysterical, and would have totally wanted this in my former life.)

Above are a whole bunch of super cute gifts I found over on Neiman Marcus. (Most of them are for the ladies and the babies; guys are enough of a pain to shop for that they get their very own post. And so: the latest installment of Kendrick’s gift guide is coming up in a couple of days, yay.)

Jordan Reid in an Adrienne Landau hat

P.S. I love my hat.

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