The Palette

Noritake Teacup

I have a palette.

I don’t mean to have a palette, exactly; it sounds like a silly thing to consciously cultivate (“oh dahhling no, I couldn’t possibly purchase that table, no no, that’s not my palette“). I just have one, for the simple reason that there are certain colors that make me really happy, and so those are what I surround myself with. It started with my wedding, when the florist asked me what my “colors” were, and despite the fact that I had been more focused on panicking over the fact that we could barely afford wedding rings – let alone any kind of thematic floral arrangements – than my bouquet, I answered without even a second of hesitation:

Pale pink, mint green, a little gold, a little wood (not that “wood” is a color, but it’s more about the rustic element than the shade). Maybe the tiniest hint of turquoise. That teacup up there is actually bizarre in the degree to which it encapsulates what I would like my life to look like.

(As an aside, in case you too are in the “panicking over the cost of a wedding” stage of your life, one of the things we ended up doing to save money was repurpose the wedding party’s bouquets as table decor: we set out galvanized metal vases on every table, and my bridesmaids and I placed our bouquets in them before the reception started. That plus some candles in pretty rice paper-wrapped votives like these was basically all we had in terms of decor – and it was gorgeous.)

Anyway, that palette is everywhere: in my dishes, in my paintings, in the decorations for Goldie’s first birthday party (Next weekend! She is ONE already. I can’t even.)…and yesterday it was in my watermelon tequila post, so I thought I’d do a quick rundown of some great mint, rose, gold and wood tabletop pieces in case you, too, are into this particular look.

P.S. That first plate (also available in gold and pink) is from Target and is just $34.99 for a set of four. Which is pretty great.

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