Crafts for the Uncrafty

Fourth Of July Star Jars

Well, these are cute.

Since Indy is still a little too young to stay up for actual fireworks, I was trying to think of fun ways to include him in the whole Fourth of July thing, and these star jars (which are pretty and festive for non-kid-inclusive celebrations, as well) do the trick. You can put real votive candles inside, or you can use those flameless LED ones if you want to let kids handle them (or if you just want to be extra-safe, which…you know…always a good idea).

fourth of july craft for kids

First, get yourself a few jars (seriously, pretty much anything works as long as it’s clear and wide enough to hold a votive) and some star stickers, and then stick those suckers on (alliteration, woo!).

fourth of july craft

Next – and please do this outdoors; speaking from experience when I say that spray paint + the inside of your house is nearly always a terrible, horrible idea, no matter how well you think you’ve protected the area – lay down some cardboard or newspaper and spray the be-stickered jars red, white and blue.

crafting for kids

Let them dry for a bit (or overnight), and then carefully peel off the stickers, leaving adorable little star shapes in the paint.


Add candles, and marvel at your craftiness and general adorableness. Be frustrated at your inability to take an in-focus-and-still-atmospheric photograph. Post it anyway.

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