Beyond Basic Travel

You may have noticed that we’re pretty big on family trips.

As difficult as traveling with a toddler and an infant in tow can be, it’s one of our all-time favorite things to do, because sure, when kids are involved you have to be flexible, and sure, sometimes things may not go as planned…but those are the best parts: those unplanned detours and wrong turns down dusty roads so often end up being the moments you remember most of all. It’s not about staying in fancy hotels or eating expensive meals or planning out the ‘perfect’ itinerary…it’s about taking your family on adventures that are unique to you, creating the kinds of experiences that your kids (and you) will remember forever.

But getting it together to plan family trips isn’t always easy. You mean to book that special vacation that you’ve always dreamed of going on, but then the months fly by and all of a sudden the time when you could have gone is past. You want to try out a new destination, but it’s so much easier to just head back to that same town and that same hotel you’ve always gone to. You tell yourself that this is the year you’ll have that experience you’ve always dreamed of, but then just…don’t. Because it’s easier to do what you know.

Except one thing I’ve discovered over the years is that taking a risk – setting out to parts unknown, and seeing what you’ll find once you’re there – is virtually always worth it. In the coming year (all the way from now through summer 2015), I’m going to be working with Alamo as a Chief Travel Mom (and oh yes, I have an acronym; you can just go ahead and call me CTM) to explore all the challenges, benefits (and occasional crises) that go hand-in-hand with family travel, offering ideas for how to get out there with your partner and your kids and have adventures of your own.

Because exploring the world together, discovering new places and people that you love and making them a part of your family’s history and heart…it’s not only “doable,” but one of the best things you can do.


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