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DIY “California” Shirt

Crafting again?!


Last time worked out surprisingly well…so why not?

For this go-round with the kit sent over by Old Navy and P.S. I Made This, I decided to turn an already adorable Western-style button-down into an ode to our summer in California, complete with gold glitter and sparkles (obviously).

old navy shirt before

Here’s the before (it’s this shirt).

What I Did:

  1. Actually read the instructions, despite the fact that me + instructions typically don’t mix, because I’ve never ironed anything onto clothing before and thought that there was a high probability of something going grievously wrong. As it turns out, iron-on decals are more or less the very definition of unscrewupable. Good.
  2. Placed the letters paper-side-up in reverse order across the back of the shirt.
  3. Checked and re-checked and triple-checked that I had, indeed, spelled California correctly in reverse.
  4. Pressed down with the iron for 30 seconds, let the letters cool, then removed the paper backing.
  5. Applied crystal sparkle-things, glue-side down, and pressed down on them with an iron for an additional 15 seconds.


old navy craft

old navy shirt after

old navy ps i made this

How cute is this?! I love it. And I see many iron-on decal sports team shirts in my future, so this was excellent practice.

This post was created in collaboration with PS I Made This x Old Navy.

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