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:)  Could summer please never end? (Follow on Instagram @ramshackleglam.)

:)  This list of foods you seriously need to stop putting in your fridge is phenomenal (no more refrigerating your tomatoes!).

:)  These toddler sweatpants (12 mos-5 years) are phenomenal – soft, great fit, and on sale.

:)  My friend Nadine Jolie (whose blog is a daily must-read of mine) just created a very cool new Cosplay app for superhero fans – it’s a great way to check out the goings-on at Comic-Con. Check it out here.

:) Everything you need to know to open your very own hipster bar (via Caro).

:)  Who is buying J.Crew’s new XXXS clothes, deemed “a whole new level of crazy” by Racked? The reason why the company went in this direction may surprise you (via Gala).

:)  Affordable mid-century-style wall sconces, yes.

:)  This NY Mag article “Why Not Admit We Didn’t Wake Up Like This” lays out pretty clearly why everyone is so annoyed with sites like Goop and Preserve (Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site)…and positions Kim Kardashian, by contrast, as “refreshingly honest.”

:)  My high school classmate Kenji Alt (who writes Serious Eats) posted a description of Singapore’s signature breakfast that makes me want to get on a plane right now.


:)  I don’t think I’ve ever lusted over a toaster before. This line, Smeg, is ridiculously good (and includes the best refrigerator in the world, oh my).

:)  Completely perfect black work-to-weekend tote.

:)  This article about what a restaurant found out when it investigated why customers were complaining of “slow service” is depressing. Speaking of the over-use of cell phones (and especially phone cameras), I like this list of rules one mom gave to her teen along with his first phone. A lot of it is common sense, but there are some excellent reminders in there for all of us – not just teens.

:) Weed weddings are a thing??

:)  I could never in good conscience recommend spending this kind of money on a towel. But still. STILL.

:)  Best jeans? Best jeans.


:)  I am so excited that Taylor Swift confirmed my rock-solid belief that leggings can and should be worn as pants. With heels. And maybe with that top (I found it for you). I was never a huge fan of the ’50s-girlie thing she used to do, but her style lately, my goodness I like it.

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