Pretty Little Things

First, oh my goodness, this. 

A longtime RG reader, Rebecca (who blogs about home decor here and about parenting here), sent over one of the sweetest, most touching gifts I’ve ever received in my life: a painting with one of my favorite quotes (that’s a line from Tom Waits’ ‘Ol’ 55′) for my son’s room, and another with an Aerosmith quote for our daughter’s nursery (which is still in progress; I’ll show you when we’re done!).

I love it.

Becca, thank you.

(You can see how she made it here.)

nars multiple orange

Next: I spent most of this weekend destroying my kitchen (did you know that you shouldn’t pour petroleum jelly down your sink drain? ‘Tis true) while shooting millions and millions of segments for a very exciting upcoming project that I’ll be able to announce  in the end of April.

For as many of the segments as possible, I wore this gorgeous shade (NARS Multiple in Siam) on my lips, mostly because for whatever reason I ended up in a series of blue outfits, and this shade looks incredible with pale blue. (You can also wear the Multiple on your cheeks, but I’m waiting for more of a tan to happen to go for orange in that particular area.) Highly, highly recommended for those looking to try out orange lips that look more “pretty” than “cartoony”.

duck face

Mid-shoot duck face.

That’s NARS gloss in Oasis, a dusty-rose shade that’s one of my all-time favorites. (This was also not a NARS shoot, by the way; I just ended up wearing lots of their products because I love them.)

I also wore false lashes, which I haven’t played around with for a couple of months, and remembered: oh, right. They’re the best.

stained finger

One of the segments involved lip stains. Which certainly did. Stain.

diy disaster

Another thing that happened this weekend: I made a total disaster of a DIY project.

I painted these balls fluorescent pink and was trying to string them on a leather cord, but…couldn’t. They’re so big that I couldn’t thread the cord through. I tried using crochet hooks, making little contraptions out of chopsticks, just sticking all the cord into the center of the ball and hoping some popped out the other side…everything, and: nope.

Any ideas?

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