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{ H&M shirt worn as dress (similar); Urban Outfitters HatFreebird BootsOra Delphine Bag }

I think I’ve found my happy place, clothing-wise, for Pregnancy Number Two. The first time around I did a lot of experimenting, held onto my very high heels with an iron grip in an effort to maintain my “usual” look, and basically went all over the map, ending up with some hits and a whole bunch of misses (like this outfit: ehhhh). This time I’m still up for lots of experimenting – mostly because it’s honestly so much fun to dress a completely different (and constantly changing) shape – but for now, at least, I think I know what makes me feel comfortable: a relaxed-fit (but very short) dress. Flats, but non-boring flats, plz. Hats, because I don’t have time to do my hair. Sunglasses, because I am exhausted.

And way too much jewelry, obviously, because some things never change.

This particular look was inspired by a Hatch dress I spotted and wanted desperately, until I realized that I kind of own it already (I’ll be investing in the Hatch one in another couple of months, because it’s perfect and I will definitely continue wearing it post-pregnancy). So, yes, the dress I’m wearing here is actually an H&M button-down I bought a few sizes too big. And ok, yes, this is the second time in a week I have worn dresses that are not dresses at all but rather shirts. But that is a) what tights are for and b) my prerogative, am I right?


(On another note: my goodness, do I ever love these boots. I also love that I stopped into the Steve Madden store on Bleecker while wearing them and was swarmed with the same “I can’t believe you’re a mom you look like you’re in college” madness that I got the first time around, when I made the original purchase. It must be company policy or the women who work in that store must just be the nicest people in the world, but for real: I would like to put them in my pocket and carry them around with me forever and ever.)

red dress

red bag

gold rings

house of harlow sunglasses

plaid shirtdress

cowboy boots

On me: H&M shirt worn as dress (similar); Urban Outfitters HatFreebird BootsOra Delphine Bag; Nashelle earrings c/o; Giles & Brother Archer Necklace; Pero Lo ruby ring c/o; Swati Jr* cuffNissa stacking rings c/o; House of Harlow sunglasses.

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