Well, This Should Be Easy

They all look exactly. the. same.

I do not understand how people make these decisions.

Here’s what our bathroom looks like now:

beige bathroom

It’s pretty, but I’m not nuts about it; peachy-beige isn’t my favorite color in the world, and the whole thing is a little too vanilla for me. We had to rip out part of the wallpaper because of a leak from the shower, so I figure rather than hunt down the original pattern, I’d replace it with something more my speed.


I happen to have two rolls of Graham & Brown Novella wallpaper (a white and pale grey art deco pattern with subtle silver glitter running through it, pictured above) left over from a previous project sitting in my attic, and I’d really like to use it. So what I thought I’d do was install the paper along the bottom part of the wall, and then paint the top half…

bathroom paint colors

One of these colors.

Maybe a pale grey (White Diamond) with darker grey (Iced Cube Silver) moldings?

Or darker? Marilyn’s Dress on the walls, and Sweet Innocence on the moldings?

Or maybe Palest Pistachio? Would the greenish undertones look weird with the white and silver wallpaper, or amazing? The fact that all of these choices will likely have virtually identical results is leaving me completely paralyzed. I can’t do it.


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