On The Plus Side, There Was Chili

Here are some things that I did yesterday:

– Spend approximately six hours sitting in rainy traffic while driving to and from the ear, nose, and throat specialist in New Haven;

– Spill a milkshake on my leg while trying to never ever ever pause the french-fry delivery system from Mom to Back Seat, because the iPad did not charge and that is very bad when you are in the car for six hours with a toddler;

– Return home and discover that a bathroom leak has apparently made its way through to my living room ceiling;

– While investigating said leak, have my son tell me that he “hurt” his foot and ask me to kiss it to make it better, and then – upon kissing said foot – discover that “I hurt it” actually means “I stepped in dog pee” in two-year-old;

– Ate chili.

Guess which was my favorite part?

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