Rugs And An Oops

In today’s Most Random Thing Ever, I am now completely obsessed with Persian rugs. I remember my mom had an old blue and grey one when I was growing up, and I think at some point she asked me if I wanted it for my apartment, and I was all ewwwww that’s so booooooring and oooooold (or something similarly obnoxious).


Anyway, I now I regret that statement. Mom, if you are reading and still own the thing:

I’m more in the market for rug hand-me-downs than brand-new multi-thousand-dollar versions at the moment, but if I were in the mood for the latter?



Uggggh it’s so pretty.

Not really my style. But still: so pretty.

(Lots of options for multi-thousand-spenders here. And way cheaper versions here.)

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