New Use For An Old Thing: Silverware Organizer

I’m pretty proud of my kitchen drawers.

They’re the one storage area in the house that’s actually the size we need it to be, and – against all odds – I’ve managed to keep them relatively organized…mostly because every inch of them is filled with things that divide and conquer all the mess, like teacups, salt bowls, baby food jars, and silverware organizers. I have a silverware organizer in both drawers, actually – even the one that doesn’t hold silverware – because they’re just so handy for arranging smallish items like serving utensils, bibs, pens, and tape dispensers.

But the uses for silverware organizers (like the pretty one pictured above) don’t end in the kitchen! No no. Want to see?!

Bedside Table Organizer: If your bedside table doesn’t have drawers (or even if you just like to have all your nighttime necessities readily available), try using a silverware organizer to separate out things like jewelry, lotions, chargers, and a sleep mask.

At-Home Nail Salon: Nail polishes can multiply like Mogwais, so try using a silverware organizer to keep them nice and neat (I even organize them by color so that I can easily find what I’m looking for). Other sections can hold hand creams, files, nail polish remover and cotton balls, clippers, and press-ons.

Zen Tea Tray: Instead of making multiple trips from the kitchen carrying teacups, cream, sugar, and candles, start your relaxing evening ritual by arranging everything you’ll need on a silverware organizer. Maybe replace the rocks with chocolates (I was going for a zen thing, what can I say?).

Silver organizer via T.J.Maxx.

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