INC Summer 2013 Event: Vegas!

What a crazy weekend.

First of all: Vegas! I love Vegas. Love. Yeah, it’s tacky and overwhelming and everyone (seriously, everyone, especially packs of twenty-two-year-old men in elevators carrying PBR tall boys) has their volume level turned up to “yelling” at all times, but still:

It’s just so exciting. I used to go there with girlfriends every so often when I lived in L.A., but I haven’t been back since my trip with Kendrick six (!) years ago…and I’ve certainly never done it like this, with gorgeous hotel rooms and delicious meals and being lifted into the air in glass boxes (stay with me here).

On previous trips, I also didn’t go to bed at 9PM (Friday) and 10:30PM (Saturday). But hey, I was there for work…and also, my body clock is set to “Toddler”, so that’s that. In any case, I was up with the sun both days, and somehow managed to pack what felt like a week’s worth of fun stuff into 48 hours.

Here’s why I was there in the first place: to emcee and co-host an event for INC with Camila Alves McConaughey. We started around 12:30 with a meet-and-greet lunch followed by a runway show, and then headed back to the store to announce the winner of an INC shopping spree (that’s what we’re doing above).

This shot (courtesy of Francesca, who drove out to spend Saturday night with me) is from the end of the show, moments after Camila walked.

Now let me explain what I meant by “lifted into the air in glass boxes”. See that very large, transparent structure behind us? The show started with that glass box and the runway literally elevating up out of the ground in a cloud of smoke. And in that box was a very nervous me and a DJ, and I got to walk out onto the runway yelling “HELLO LAS VEGAS!” into a microphone.

Have to say: I think that everyone should try entering a room in a cloud of smoke screaming “HELLO LAS VEGAS” at least once. It’s quite the experience.

More shots (and what-we-wore details) after the jump!

On me: INC Sleeveless Chambray Shirt; shorts from the INC Beach collection (available in select Macy’s stores); INC Bracelet Set; INC Dionne Wedge Sandals; Sophia Forero rings.

On Camila: INC Sleeveless Sequin-Stripe Tank; INC jeans; INC Mariela Pumps.

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