Lust & Less: Neon Jelly Bag

These are really extremely cute.

I saw them at Macy’s on the way into Saturday’s event, and they literally stopped me in my tracks – specifically, the orange one and the light blue and denim one (not pictured).

And then I saw that they were Furla, and $248…which is a lot generally, but kind of surprisingly inexpensive for a Furla.

And they’re really extremely cute.

Let’s “Lust & Less” it!

My immediate reaction is that this is an obvious case of when you should go for the “Less” version: we’re talking about a trendy bag that’s very summer-specific; not necessarily the kind of piece you’d want to invest in.

But…but but but: I ordinarily don’t care a ton about whether my accessories are from some fancy brand or another, and yet I think what I love about this particular item is its very hi/low-ness. It’s a kitsch bag from a classic designer, and that’s what makes it so striking and unique. And despite the whole “neon jelly” thing…I think the simple shape makes it the kind of item you could break out every summer for years and never get sick of.

I think.

Going to have to give a tentative win to the “Lust” on this one.

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