Question For You: Beach Reads!

Pictured above is a photo taken during the last beach-type vacation that Kendrick and I went on together: our trip to the Cayman Islands in March of 2011.

To give you context, it was on that trip that we recorded the yay-we’re-having-a-baby video. So you could say it’s been awhile since I’ve done the beach/book/pina colada thing.

We leave for the Dominican Republic in two days. I AM SO EXCITED.

Last time we went on vacation I crowd-sourced for beach book recommendations, and you guys gave me such great ideas that I thought I’d do it again. I’m looking for fun, maybe a little trashy, and definitely gripping, and nothing that requires a ton of…thought (see: pina coladas).

Any suggestions?

And here’s a quick list of my favorite recent reads: The Good House, High On Arrival (Mackenzie Phillip’s autobiography), Chanel Bonfire, Seating Arrangements, Gone Girl, The Age Of Miracles, Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Rob Lowe’s autobiography). Every single one of these is big-time recommended.

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